Transnational Access to the CHANDA Facilities

The unique combination of nuclear research facilities within the CHANDA consortium offers interesting
measurement capabilities to endorse the neutron data requirements with regard to the general objectives:

- to provide the nuclear data required for the safe and sustainable operation, and development, of
existing and new reactors and nuclear fuel cycle facilities,

- to prepare solutions for the challenges risen by the nuclear data measurements needed by nuclear
systems, like the data for highly radioactive, short lived or rare materials,
- to prepare tools that solve the challenges of quantifying and certifying the accuracy of the results
of simulations based on available nuclear data and models (uncertainties),
- to identify and promote synergies with other nuclear data applications.

Within the framework of its Transnational Access Activities the CHANDA consortium offers a total of 4000 supplementary data-taking hours to new external users. The consortium launches a permanent Call for Proposals. The proposals are peer-reviewed by a Project Advisory Committee (PAC).
Approved experiments will get the necessary beam time. The user groups can also be supported for their travel and the accommodation and subsistence costs during the time required for the experiment

If an experiment is planned using special target materials or production of a radioactive target is required please contact the CHANDA WP3 leader Goedele Sibbens Goedele.SIBBENS(at) for possible support and coordination of activities.

In case of questions related to the CHANDA transnational access activities please contact: A.Junghans(at) or/and

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