MTEST*: 4-circle Material Test Diffractometer
PSD*: Powder Diffractometer with Position Sensitive Detector
TOF-ND*: High Resolution Time-Of-Flight Powder Diffractometer

SANS-YS*: Small Angle Neutron Scattering Instrument ("Yellow Submarine")
FSANS: Focusing Time of Flight Small Angle Neutron Scattering instrument
GINA*: Cold Neutron Reflectometer with Polarization Option
REF: Cold Neutron Reflectometer

TAST/HOLO*: Thermal Neutron Triple Axis Spectrometer
ATHOS*: Cold neutron triple axis spectrometer
IBMS: In-beam Mössbauer spectrometer

RAD*: Static/Dynamic thermal-neutron and X-ray Imaging Station

NAA*: Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis
PGAA*: Cold Beam Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis
DÖME: Low-Level Gamma-Spectrometer
NIPS*: Neutron-Induced Prompt Gamma-ray Spectroscopy
NORMA*: Neutron Optics and Radiography for Material Analysis

BAGIRA-4: Reactor irradiation loop
BIO: Biological irradiation channel

               *:  User programme instrument 

Should you have any technical question about a BNC instrument or inquiries about the feasability of an experiment please contact the beamline responsible of the respective instrument.


Location of the instruments in the BNC experimental halls:

Instr fig